The Rule of Three

I’ve been giving a lot of thoughts to The Rule of Three. Have you ever noticed that a lot of things in our world somehow come bundled in sets of threes? I haven’t figured out the scientific or reasonable explanation for this. It’s not as famous as the Golden Ratio. But time and time again … Read more

Clarity of Leadership

Any organisation, be it a business, company or public institution, must be led by leaders who can communicate the direction and heading of the organisation. Like a captain of a ship, he or she must possess the will to inspire the crew and steer the ship in the right direction Without clarity, the crew gets … Read more

Why Saving on that Cup of Latte Won’t Make You Rich

I’m going to introduce the term “Purposeful Trade” to you. If you’re not new to the journey of financial freedom, I’m pretty sure you’ve come across articles espousing the virtues of saving by cutting down on ‘unnecessary expenses’. I’ve come across countless articles and curated lists that teaches you how to start taking control of … Read more