Passive income from dividends

Is it possible to get passive income from dividends? I highly believe and hold firm to my conviction that dividends from stocks is one of the best forms of passive income stream in Malaysia. Hear me out. Why passive income from dividends is underrated? I’ve talked about building a passive income stream in my other … Read more

Masters in Healthcare Management in Malaysia: Complete List

This is a list of all the masters program related to hospital administration, healthcare management or healthcare administration in Malaysia as well as online that I can find. For the benefit of Malaysian readers, I have compiled it into an article. International Medical University IMU MBA in Healthcare Management Link: Full-time: 15 months Part-time: … Read more

Clinic Insurance – 3 Things Doctors Should Know

Clinic insurance is something not talked about amongst the private clinic fraternity in Malaysia. Since the introduction of compulsory professional indemnity insurance for doctors in Malaysia for APC renewal, this interesting issue has caught my attention so I did some research about it and decided to write something. Medical Clinic Insurance is Not the Same … Read more

HelloGold vs Public Gold

Gold is a precious metal that can act as a buffer to diversify your portfolio. There are many ways to start investing in gold in Malaysia. HelloGold and Public Gold are two main ways to buy gold without going through banks. HelloGold Vs Public Gold What you are buying HelloGold allows you to invest in … Read more

The Rule of Three

I’ve been giving a lot of thoughts to The Rule of Three. Have you ever noticed that a lot of things in our world somehow come bundled in sets of threes? I haven’t figured out the scientific or reasonable explanation for this. It’s not as famous as the Golden Ratio. But time and time again … Read more