For Doctors
How Has Covid-19 Changed the Medical Profession?

My personal observations: It used to be that doctors need to attend conferences, seminars and so on to get their annual CPD points in order to renew their ...

FAQ on Personal Protective Equipment

I wrote this post to clear the air on some commonly asked questions on PPE by the general public. 1. What are PPE? Personal protective equipment (short ...

Occupational Health Doctor after Housemanship: Personal Thoughts

I mentioned about OHD a while back. The reason why I chose this field was because: It’s a relatively unknown field It’s something quite different No ...

Life after Housemanship: Now What?

It's been 4 months after I officially finished my housemanship. I'm pretty sure a lot of people had the same doubts as I had when I was nearing the end of my ...

Quit Housemanship

Want to quit housemanship? Looking for ideas? I penned this article in 2018 so this is gonna be a long post - feel free to bookmark it and come back to digest ...

Housemanship Experience – Part Two

After 2 gruelling years, I have finally completed my compulsory house officer training. Anyone who has been through it would tell pretty much the same ...

Housemanship Experience – Part One

So you might ask, hey, how it's like being a houseman? Well, I'll try my best to summarise my experience working here for the past 1 year. Obstetrics and ...

Hospital food chain

House officers are quite literally on the bottom of the hospital food chain. There are at the consultants and head of departments, the gods of medicine whose ...

Housemanship rants: settle your own shit

It's no secret that housemen work their asses off doing what we call 'joblists' and scurrying around like rats frantically trying to complete what has been ...

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