October 4


Masters in Healthcare Management in Malaysia: Complete List

By Ian Bong

October 4, 2020

This is a list of all the masters program related to hospital administration, healthcare management or healthcare administration in Malaysia as well as online that I can find. For the benefit of Malaysian readers, I have compiled it into an article.

International Medical University IMU MBA in Healthcare Management

Link: http://www.imu.edu.my/imu/programmes/postgraduate/business-administration-in-healthcare-management-master/

  • Full-time: 15 months
  • Part-time: 2.5 – 6 years
  • Course fees: RM40 – 44,000
  • MQA accreditation: unsure

Asian Metropolitan University MSc in Healthcare Management

Link: https://www.amu.edu.my/programmes/master-of-sciences-in-healthcare-management/

  • Full-time: 18 months
  • Part-time: 24 months
  • Course fees: not listed
  • MQA accredited

LUC Lincoln University College MBA in Healthcare Management

Link : https://www.lincoln.edu.my/post_graduate/Master_of_Business_Administration_in_Health_Care_Management

  • Duration: 18 months
  • Need to publish 2 research papers before completion
  • Course fees: not listed
  • MQA accreditation unsure

MAHSA University MBA of Hospital Management

Link: https://mahsa.edu.my/faculties/Business/master-business-hospital.php

  • Duration: 12 months
  • Mode of study: Course work
  • Course fees: unlisted
  • MQA accredited

UTM MBA of Healthcare Management

Link: https://business.utm.my/healthcare/

  • MQA accredited

Other programs

  • UKM Master of Community Health Science (Hospital Management and Health Economics)

Online Masters Program

Liverpool Msc in Healthcare Leadership

Link: https://online.liverpool.ac.uk/all-programmes/msc-healthcare-leadership/

  • Fee: GBP 18,000
  • Part-time & online: Approx 2.5 years

UNSW Master of Health Leadership & Management

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