Currently collecting my own personal list that I follow regularly.

Malaysian Personal Finance Blogs

  1. Ringgit Oh Ringgit – interesting take on personal finance by Suraya Zainuddin
  2. Mr-Stingy – one of the O.G. of Malaysian PF scene by Aaron Tang. His blog has evolved somewhat, but I love it. Crypto enthusiast.
  3. Marcus Keong – personal finance blogger’s journey to financial independence
  4. Dividend Magic – good read on dividend investing

Stock Investment Resource

  1. KC Chong – engineer turned investor with frequent articles in i3investor website
  2. Old School Value – really good and in-depth articles on fundamental research in general
  3. Musing Zebra – One of my favourites to read. Love his way of expressing concepts
  4. TRV Stock Analyzer – Not really a blog, more like a tool. But good read on their i3investor page as well
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