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Sharesight Review: Track Your Investments Automatically in 2021

Disclaimer: I have full access to the Expert Plan sponsored by Sharesight.

When I first started investing, tracking my portfolio was quite a hassle. I used free tools like i3investor as well as Google spreadsheet.

If you’ve been following me, you’ll know I’m a fan of dividend investing. Nothing beats seeing income rolling in, quarter after quarter with minimal or no effort on your part.

However, those free tools lack many things when it comes to tracking and knowing your portfolio performance. It doesn’t account for DRIP, as calculating ROI on dividend reinvestment is a bitch. It’s also such a hassle to have an overview on your portfolio allocation (unless you have God-like wizardry skills with Excel to build a dashboard or something).

Enter Sharesight.

Before the marketing team reached out to me, I had no idea what Sharesight was. After trying it for a few days, I’m absolutely hooked. Here’s why.

Sharesight Review

Sharesight was actually founded in 2007 out of Wellington, New Zealand. They have been pretty much under the radar, growing organically and steadily through word of mouth and referrals. Now, they have over 200,000 users globally from over 100 countries, tracking over 2.5 million holdings. That’s pretty impressive!

Sharesight has also won multiple awards so that adds to their credibility and speaks volumes about the usefulness of this tool.

After logging in for the first time, you’ll be greeted with a landing page to help you setup your portfolio. Adding trade is easy – either manually, importing via CSV or via integration with brokers (currently limited to Saxo Markets and Interactive Brokers). You can even forward your trade confirmation emails and Sharesight will automatically import those trades (check supported brokers here).

Powerful Tool for Dividend Investing

Sharesight helps track everything you need to analyse your portfolio’s performance. I find the dashboard straightforward and easy enough to use without any head-scratching moments. You’re greeted with a big graph that shows how your portfolio tracks over time.

One thing I like about Sharesight is how they give attention to something often overlooked by portfolio trackers – dividends. You’ll save hours as Sharesight automatically tracks past or upcoming dividends, and even supports dividend reinvestments. Adding reinvested dividends requires just a few clicks and everything is auto-calculated for you.

Another nifty thing about this is how Sharesight takes into account how your reinvested dividends contribute towards your portfolio growth. Gone are the days when you are left wondering if dividend investing is worth it. Now you can see exactly how much your reinvested dividends help power up your portfolio growth over time as everything is laid out in your dashboard.

Performance Insights & Advanced Tools

Besides the basic portfolio tracking features, Sharesight also provides powerful performance insights and powerful filters. You can generate reports and filter based on market, currency, industry and sector classifications and more.

You can even create custom groupings and labels and use them to track and analyse your portfolio. This gives tremendous flexibility in analysing your investing strategies and performance.

Verdict: Definitely Get, If You Can Afford It

All these features don’t come cheap. The free plan gives you ability to track 10 stocks and 1 portfolio only. For a better experience, I’d go for the upgraded plan that ranges from $15 to $31 monthly. Check out the pricing plan here

All upgraded plans get access to their awesome customer support via chat and email.

Exclusive Bonus Content for Fiholic readers

Good news! Sharesight has agreed to let me offer you a VERY special bonus – if you subscribe using my link and upgrade to annual payment, save an equivalent of 4 months off the rate compared to if you were to pay monthly! Just click the “Read More” button link below to go to Sharesight pricing page to find out more:

Most Popular – Sharesight Investor Plan

From $16/mo $24/mo
Pricing varies according to your region
Fiholic recommended – 3 portfolios, unlimited holding plus advanced reports. Suitable for majority of users.

What do you think? Do you use any other options? Or perhaps you’ve tried Sharesight yourself? Feel free to leave your review below!

8.2 Total Score
Best Online Portfolio Tracking Tool

Automating tracking of dividends, reinvestment and returns, all in one convenient tool.

Ease of Use
  • Simplifies tracking of share performance
  • Save time & effort
  • Amazing customer support
  • Slightly costly
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